Destiny Waters

Mineral Water status is recognized as the highest standard for bottled water and in order to maintain this very high standard The Destiny Sprinkles Mineral Water source is monitored on a daily basis by an independent laboratory, who analysis our products allowing you the customer full assurance of only the highest quality mineral water.

Destiny Sprinkles Water Company wanted to offer you our customers a more pure natural product. In 2010 the company carried out extensive research for quality water supply using two different boreholes in Kisumu County in Kenya. The continuous research led the company to a spring water source which has proved to be extremely palatable and of high beneficial mineral content.

Destiny Sprinkles Water Company is currently supplying clean water to different homes and institutions using water bowsers.

How Destiny Sprinkles Water is DISINFECTED

Destiny Sprinkles is a subsidiary of Destiny Mentors CBO. The water plants are custom designed as per the feed water quality. These special plants are special to purify water by reverse RO process. Pressure is exerted on the salt solution with higher concentration which ultimately exceeds the osmotic pressure, pure water moves through the semi permeable membrane and so-called permeate is formed. In this way dissolved salts are purified from normal water.

When the osmosis process is completed then again the water is passed through highly powerful lamp having an extra ordinary wavelength, which kills bacteria, viruses, parasites and even the traces of these microbes.

After passing from all above steps Destiny Sprinkles plant water is then passed from the different inspections, evaluation and quality control procedures, even in packaging.

So in the end a complete pure drinking water is produced which is 100% pure and 100% safe water. And that’s why Destiny Sprinkles is the name of reliability for the safest drinking Water.